• Fair Trials

    Fair Trials

    Fair Trials is an international NGO that campaigns for fair and equal criminal justice systems / fairtrials.org

  • Alan Mills

    Alan Mills

    Executive Director @uplcchicago . UPLC represents tenants, the disabled and prisoners throughout Illinois. "Notorious for fighting IDOC."

  • Robert D. Carver

    Robert D. Carver

  • Tânia Mealha

    Tânia Mealha

    Psychology, Mindfulness & Integral Development. Illuminate Hearts, Awaken Minds. Contemplative, Mind-Body-Energy Practices Weaver.

  • Shina


  • Yvonne Ervin

    Yvonne Ervin

  • Rebecca Earl

    Rebecca Earl

    Not afraid to admit when I’m wrong! Always more out there to learn! Narcolepsy + chronic illness big parts of my life!

  • Rolando Altieri

    Rolando Altieri

    Originally from Italy. Student of the masters program “Made in Italy, Fashion and Luxury Management” / Università LUM — School of Management / Mİlan

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